Yahoo’s Aabaco Small Business: New Publishing Feature


Yahoo’s New Publishing Feature: Smarter and Faster

Yahoo’s Aabaco Small Business has recently unveiled their new Publishing Feature, which allows you to publish a single page rather than the entire site catalog. You can implement fast changes when you make a mistake and get back into the store immediately once you’ve published rather than waiting for your whole catalog to republish. No more several-hour publishes or waiting for your catalog to go live!


Individual Page Publish

This handy new feature allows you to instantly publish between one and 100 pages with a single change. That means that if you want to implement price changes, correct errors, add new coupon codes or update product information, you can do so in an instant without having to wait for your whole catalog to republish. Your pages instantly publish and go live in less than a minute.

The Individual Page Publish feature is meant to be a temporary bypass to longer publish cycles for those who need to implement critical updates fast. After you publish your individual pages, you should still use Publish Changes or Publish All to ensure that the updated information reaches all parts of your store.


New Scheduling Page Publish Tools

Additionally, you’ll have two new publish options to make managing and updating your e-commerce store simpler than ever. Their one-time future publish and recurring publish options allow you to schedule single or multiple site updates in the future. The recurring publish feature is particularly helpful for small businesses who want to be able to publish when no one’s working on the site, while one-time future publish is great for when you need to make updates when you know you’ll be on vacation or out of the office.

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