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Yahoo! Aabaco Small Business knows that the changing digital landscape demands mobile-friendliness. A common misconception that comes up from time to time is that Yahoo! is not mobile friendly, and that’s simply not the case. Since Yahoo’s goal is always to help small businesses thrive, it has to provide simple, streamlined solutions for clients to build tablet- and mobile-friendly web stores.

The bottom line is this: your website needs to be mobile-friendly to thrive. Yahoo! Aabaco Small Business regularly invests in new mobile e-commerce innovations and templates to improve the Yahoo! Aabaco Small Business platform and to assist customers in building web stores optimized for mobile. In fact, Yahoo! recently updated a key feature to allow you to make your site mobile-friendly with the click of a button.

With Yahoo!’s customizable mobile e-commerce templates, you can create online stores that users can access from their mobile phones, tablets and computers. Only one design is required for your customers to access your store from any device, so your store will take on a coordinated, professional look regardless of the shopper’s device.

All of the Yahoo! Aabaco e-commerce platform plans come with a mobile storefront so that you can provide a positive mobile shopping experience to users on iPhone, iPad, Android, computers and laptops. Additionally, Yahoo! Aabaco Small Business provides live web and mobile chat services so you can chat live with customers via your mobile phone.

Yahoo! has also optimized its own services for mobile devices so that our customers can monitor their web store’s activity and get live insights on-the-go using their phone or tablet.

Yahoo! Aabaco Small Business’s e-commerce hosting platform has supported more than $70 billion in transactions, and is the only major e-commerce platform to experience 100 percent uptime for the past five years during the holidays. You can trust Yahoo! with your mobile-friendly online store.

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