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Wordpress Explosion

It’s a new year and one thing is for sure – it’s going to be a WordPress explosion. In 2015 we worked with nearly triple the number of WordPress clients as the year before. The demand for WordPress sites continues to grow at a rapid speed. Most resources estimate that the number of websites powered by WordPress installations is right around 20% or one out of five.

I could probably write a whole post about why WordPress is so awesome, but we’ll save that for another day. Right now, I want to explore a few of the best WordPress plugins we’ve come across in 2015. Many of you like to add new features to your site, and these are some you can try out on your own. Remember to always make a backup of your site before experimenting. If all else fails, feel free to give us a call. We ♥ us some WordPress work!

Foo Gallery

Foo Gallery is my new favorite gallery plugin. Believe me, I’ve tried a ton of them. Some are too simple, some are too complex, some have glitches, others are just too bulky, but Foo Gallery is just right! It comes with responsive options and a variety of style to choose from.

This gallery plugin is easy to use and you can create different albums. You can add them to any page using shortcodes. Best of all, Foo Gallery is free! As a bonus, the same plugin developer offers a light box plugin (FooBox Image Lightbox) that integrates with the gallery along with several other handy extensions to expand functionality.

Foo Gallery Screenshot

Food and Drink Menu

Do you serve some seriously yummy eats? If so, get this plugin now. Customers love to go online (especially on their phones) to see a menu before eating or ordering out. I call this plugin a win because it’s responsive, customizable, and quite comprehensive.

You can add photos and prices to your items. You can even add notes to menu sections and disclaimers on your menu. It looks good out of the box, but if you want to go a step further, anyone familiar with CSS can pretty up your menu to match your site better. This plugin even offers the option to create multiple menus, which is great if you have a full menu and a smaller carry-out menu.

Food & Drink Menu

WP Google Map Plugin

There are a lot of Google Maps plugins out there, but this one stands out. If you’ve ever tried some of the other ones, you know that many have limitations and you have to upgrade to a ‘premium’ addition to get the features you need. This plugin does offer a Pro version if you want some deluxe features; however, the basic free version gets the job done just fine.

Another unique pro of this map plugin is the ability to show any number of locations on a single map. This is perfect if you want to show your multiple locations in one map. This is also a very reliable plugin. It is responsive and has great cross browser compatibility.

WP Google Map Plugin

Black Studio TinyMCE Widget

One of the most terrific things about WordPress is that it has a beautiful rich text editor that allows users to easily style their content as if they were using a word processing program. On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, if you’re trying to manage your widgets, you’re stuck with a basic text box. This means you have to know a little code if you want to fancy up your widget content.

But, wait! What if you could harness the power of the visual editor and apply that functionality to your widgets? It would be simply awesome splendiferous! That’s exactly what Black Studio TinyMCE Widget allows you to do! Want to supercharge this already cool beyond belief plugin? Combine it with the WP Edit plugin.

Black Studio TinyMCE Widget

I hope you enjoyed reading about these awesome plugins. They are definitely worth taking for a test drive. If you are using any plugins on your WordPress site that you love, please share with us! We are always looking for great plugins to test and try. If you ever find yourself stuck, give us a call. We are happy to assist you in all things WordPress!

Stephanie Rawson

Stephanie has 15 years of self-taught HTML and web design experience along with an associates degree in Information Technology from Colorado Tech. Her previous experience in eCommerce and customer service gives her a unique insight into what clients and their customers are looking for. Outside of work, Stephanie is active in Christian ministry and loves geeky hobbies.

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