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People are creatures of habit. Even the most bohemian of us has little rituals and events they hold dear. They like the security of knowing that something happens at the same time during a set time period. When these events don’t occur, it throws a wrench in a person’s day and leaves them feeling a little off.

It’s why a television show (before the days of DVR) could do well on a certain time spot, but tank when the network changed the date and time. You mess with a habit, you get burned.

It’s the same with digital marketing. If you want to do something on a regular basis, then follow through. Far too many people think that occasional haphazard events are fine, but you’re missing out on creating that familiarity bond that comes with repeated action. I’ll walk you through three instances where regularity can lead to more conversions and customer engagement.

People Look Forward To Your Blog

Blogging has long been a great resource for customers and a pain in the rump for business owners. Why? Who wants to write articles when you’re trying to run a business? Blogging takes time and that’s one thing most business owners don’t have in abundance.

You know blogging is good for SEO. You know blogging can help get people to your site, but the time to create it, upload it and find a picture for it is a pain. Ugh! Who has time for that? It could take you two weeks to put it all together and then take another month or two before you get around to writing another one.

Blogs are certainly worth taking the time to do. They provide new keyword rich content to your site. They provide a valuable resource to customers and Google. If you’re doing the blogs around the same time each week or month, then you’re creating a habit for customers as well.

You’ll start getting regular readers to your blog. They’ll start visiting around the times you post. If you go six months posting weekly and then stop, you’re disrupting their flow.

It’s like going to the same restaurant for lunch every day and seeing the same worker. You know him. You talk. He’s just part of the lunch experience. How would it feel if you showed up one day and he wasn’t there?

Your experience wouldn’t be the same. It would bug and nag at you. What if he started just showing up randomly with no rhyme or reason? You’re lunch habit would be forever changed and it wouldn’t mean as much to you.

Consistency Matters for Social Media

You can post once a day, once every couple days or once a week. Once a day is ideal, but it’s important to be consistent. For social media, consistency isn’t about creating a habit for the customer, but staying at the front of their mind.

If you’re selling fishing poles and you post fishing tips every day, then customers see your posts or tweets and think “That’s a great tip, oh, and I need a new pole. I should pick up a (insert your brand) at the store.”

When you don’t post consistently, people aren’t seeing your information. You’re no longer at the forefront of their mind. Instead of “great post, I’m going to buy their fishing pole.” They’ll walk through a local department store and see a fishing pole and be “oh, that’s right, I need a new fishing pole, and I should grab this one while I’m here.” Too bad, it happens to be a competitor brand.

Don’t Blink, They’ll Miss Your Email Marketing

Email marketing is still one of the most effective methods of marketing available when done correctly. People are inundated with emails every day and few of them are actually opened. Google mail even sorts it so promotional emails get sent to a separate tab.

If you want your email marketing to work, then you need to make an impression. The obvious ways are to craft great subject lines and good design, but consistency in sending emails is important, too.

If you sent out an email around the same time each week or however often you send them, people will expect them. When you send them randomly, you’re simply mixed into the flotsam and jetsam of other superfluous emails.

Expectation is good. Much like Facebook posts, it keeps you front of mind. If the content of your emails is consistently good, then they’ll want to read it.

Soon, expectation becomes habit. Habit leads to conversions. Conversions lead to contentment. (I’m totally paraphrasing Yoda on that one.)

Do or Do Not, There is No Try

When it comes to consistency in digital marketing, you have to commit. It can be detrimental to start and then stop it. We understand time is a valuable commodity, but consistency is important.

If you don’t have time, then consider hiring an award winning digital marketing company to help you (hint hint…that’s us). We can help with all areas of digital marketing and make sure you’re consistent on everything. Feel free to contact us today for more information.

Brock Cooper

Brock has been doing SEO, Social Media Management and Marketing for seven years and has watched the industry shift and change, providing a unique perspective to clients. Brock is the recipient of two Associated Press awards and the Richard A. Laymon President's Award for Service by the renowned Horror Writer's Association. When he isn't scouring the Internet for the latest in SEO info, Brock enjoys writing short stories, teaching his wife and children the importance of Dr. Who and writing articles for various entertainment and video game sites.

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