Why Website Developers Should Learn SEO

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The marketing team are the only ones who should be worried about SEO, right? Wrong! Search Engine Optimization is part of everyone’s job, from the designers to the website developers, and also anyone else who touches your website.

So, why should website developers learn SEO? Well, there’s actually quite a few reasons. Here are the 3 most important.

Everything Affects Rankings

Did you know that more than 90% of web searches happen on Google? This includes Google Images, Google Maps, and YouTube (owned by Google). Since Google is the largest, they pretty much set the standard for other search engines.

Years ago, you could pack your web page with links and keywords in order to rank high in search engines. These and other outdated practices made for bad user experience. The search engine ranking algorithms update constantly, and Google has caught on to a lot of sketchy practices. The standard now is that websites should focus on providing the best experience for the user, not search engines.

A ranking system based on user experience means that everything on your website affects rankings. Links, content, images, alt text, and even the technical aspects and code that you don’t see can majorly determine a website’s rankings or indexing.

Strong SEO Foundation Starts in Development

Since almost everything on your website affects your rankings, you want to make sure everything on your website is optimized and working properly, right?

Well, to make everyone’s job easier in the long run, it’s important to optimize for best practices in the development stage, before your website ever goes live.

A few ways to optimize during initial development are:

  • Add schema
  • Optimize page titles and URL structure when creating content
  • Compress images and add ALT text
  • Optimize for accessibility and user experience

Technical SEO Exists

The content on your website makes up one aspect of SEO, but did you know that many technical parts affect rankings as well? Website developers need to be aware and concerned about these points.

You don’t want to wait until a technical issue causes negative consequences. This can cost you time and money in the long run, plus it’s so much harder to improve these when they become an issue than it is to develop around them in the first place.

Google’s ranking algorithm is constantly changing and updating, but luckily there are a ton of great resources out there to help you stay updated with what’s happening in the SEO world. For example, just the other day I learned that Google renders JavaScript on a “second pass” a few days (or even weeks) after their initial crawl. This means that you should not put crucial SEO elements within JavaScript if possible!

A few more optimizations website developers can do:

  • Keep styling in CSS, not in HTML
  • Compress CSS
  • Do not hide text or links from users
  • Aim to have more content, less code
  • and more!

Everyone Starts Somewhere

I originally joined the All Web team out of college with just a degree in Graphic Design. Now, I have learned so much just from working here and I am constantly learning about everything from website development to marketing.

We recently made a push to grow our SEO services because we want to offer only the best for our clients. Guess who is now required to learn more about SEO? That’s right, all of us! From social media marketers, to website developers and even me, the graphic designer. Throughout this process, I’ve realized that website developers should learn SEO for many reasons.

If you need help with your search engine rankings, or just want some advice on areas to improve, I know a great team of All Webbers that can help!

Kaitlyn Anthony

As our newest graphic designer, Kaitlyn is always looking for new ways to creatively meet the needs of clients through design. Kaitlyn continuously looks for opportunities to learn something new and stay up-to-date on current design trends. In her spare time, Kaitlyn can be found exploring the great outdoors with her camera in one hand and an iced coffee in the other.

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