Why I ♥️ All Web Promotion and How You Can Emulate Them

All Web Promotion building from outside with snow on the sign.

In a few days I will have worked at All Web Promotion for one year. I still vividly remember the first time I walked into their storefront in Peru because it was completely different than what I had expected.

I imagined the little office looking like any other office: grey cubicles filled with people in suits looking like they don’t want to be there. Instead I saw warm-hardwood floors, happy people in casual clothes, and even the scent of a pumpkin spiced candle. There was a sense of purpose and inspiration that I have yet to see in another business. People weren’t just keeping their heads down and doing their job, they were doing one unified job: helping businesses grow.

But how did All Web accomplish this? How are they so good that one of their employees wants to write about how awesome they are? And what can you do to emulate them?

Well I’m glad you asked! Here are the five things I learned that make All Web successful from my first year working there:

1. They Are Perfectionists

When I was hired, I thought that designing websites wouldn’t be that hard… Oh how I was wrong! I had no idea how complex it was and how high their standards were.

For example: during my training, I would design a website and hesitantly show my work to Stephanie (my web dev trainer/sensei) who would then kindly show me a million things that I did wrong… She quickly opened my eyes to an infinite amount of design rules and how I broke them, sending me back to my pitiful drawing board to start again. This became a reoccurring cycle that I’m convinced will never end, but nonetheless is slowly making me a better designer.

Young developer at computer while two woman look at his computer

Many of those mistakes were from a lack of experience; but now that it’s been a year, and I have studied a billion websites, I see that some of the design rules are totally ignored by other sites. I see that some of those rules are not universal and that many of them could easily be cut out to make passable websites. However, All Web doesn’t design passable websites –they design excellent websites. Take it from the guy who’s had to throw away many of his own treasured designs: they have a high standard of detailed perfection that they uphold every time they take on a client.

How does your business train new hires? Do you tolerate providing passable products? It may be hard for your employees; but it is imperative that you train your new hires to do things excellently, design quality products, and create checks and balances for every product you make.

2. They Love Their Clients

Every time a customer buys a product they are putting their faith in a business that knows more about the product than they do. Some companies see their customer’s lack of knowledge as a chance to exploit them and other businesses (i.e. All Web Promotion) take this responsibility very seriously. Companies in the digital market like All Web have an even greater responsibility because their clients usually know very little about their field. They not only have to produce a quality product (like a website), but often times they have to protect it from things completely off the client’s radar. I learned this first hand when GoDaddy saw their customer’s ignorance as a perfect time to exploit.

Long story short, GoDaddy hosted one of our client’s website, sold our client security services, and then let the website get hacked without telling the client. Furthermore, they refused to refund the customer for the “security” services. When All Web found out, the fight was on! *Ding *Ding

Brandee (my other sensie) called GoDaddy and entered into a frustrating mess lasting hours to get a refund for the client. She and other All Webbers climbed up GoDaddy’s corporate ladder explaining the problem hundreds of times to people who didn’t care. Eventually they begrudgingly relented and gave the refund for the security services. I then saw that real customer service is more than just always making the best product, answering questions, being hospitable, etc… it is defending the client and always doing what is in their best interest even when it means a fight.

Doing business with a client politely will make you a decent company; but going the extra mile and being genuinely concerned for the client will both show your loyalty and make loyal customers.

3. They Are Charitable

All Web’s purpose is to grow small businesses, which in turn helps our community grow; but All Web is also trying to find even more ways to help the community, like volunteering. As a business they make teaching people how to grow their business a priority by offering free workshops. However, All Webbers don’t see that as enough. Almost everyone at All Web volunteers regularly on their own time too! They give time, money, and hard work to many different charities and organizations independently.

Kaitlyn and Doneida painting a fire hydrant for hope week

Brandee, Brock, and Stephanie Volunteering at Hope Week

From donating to soldiers, to cleaning up parks, to jumping in freezing cold water to raise donations (which still seems crazy to me Doneida), and more, even the individual All Web employee is holding a high standard when it comes to helping, not just clients, but well…. everyone!

Finding a way to have your business volunteer is not only a good team building activity, it also is very rewarding work that helps people and shows them that you care.

4. They Know How To Have Fun

All Web Promotion is the most fun place to work in the world, hands down! There are food days for no reason except for the sake of delicious food, we’ve all gone bowling together, and our upcoming Christmas card is amazing and was super fun to shoot (be on the lookout for that in December!).

However, for many businesses, having fun is either very limited or nonexistent. They feel that it is a distraction and is altogether unproductive. All Web rejects this idea and finds a healthy balance of work and fun to create a joyful experience for everyone. This creates good communication and creates a family rather than a company.

all web team bowling

If your employees are often negligent, make having fun a priority! Plan times to go bowling or volunteer together. It will lead to a dedicated team who communicates well and likes coming to work.

5. They Are A Family

Out of all the places I’ve worked, the only place that is comparable to All Web is Salander Farms. It’s farm run by the Salander family, a large family who I have known my life and am very close with to this day.

All Web makes me reminisce of working there because we essentially do the same thing as a farm (make things grow) and because everyone is so close to one another. We talk, laugh, eat together, and are comfortable around each other. Our job is a communal effort. We do it with pride because we do it for each other and for a good cause.

Invest time in getting to know your employees. Be down to earth showing them that what they do is important and works toward the greater goal of the business. This will unify your team and instill a sense of camaraderie.

To truly have a successful business imitate All Web’s ability to have high standards for your product, love your clients, be charitable, have fun, be united, and care for one another. If I would have come to All Web and they weren’t accepting and caring, it would make it harder to work there. I wouldn’t have the same amount of purpose and excitement. But instead when I first became full time they bought me an awesome ice cream cake because I was about to get married. Now I love All Web Promotion and am so excited to help them help businesses grow.

If you need individual help making your business more amazing, feel free to stop in to smell the pumpkin candle or get some advise… both are helpful.

Braden Hamiel

Braden is our newest up and coming developer. His interest in design stems from his love of art. Years of drawing and painting have provided Braden with a solid foundation for the creativity and inspiration needed to make appealing websites with a focus on balance and usability. He is always eager to learn new things and further his education. When he isn't tackling a new project at work, he enjoys spending time with his wife and family, especially outdoors. Whether it's leading the Praise Team, sharing the gospel, serving others, or church planting, Braden keeps his focus on God and leads a Christ centered life.

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