Who’s Got Your Back in a Website Emergency?

Website Emergency

I like to surround myself with positive and encouraging people, but in business you don’t usually get a choice. You have to deal with all types of people in all sorts of situations. My least favorite combination is dealing with a toxic person in a terrible situation.

If you hear me mutter things like ‘hot mess’ and ‘dumpster fire’ as you walk by my desk, chances are I’m dealing with that kind of situation. Let’s face it – sometimes people just suck. Even so, it’s important to tackle the task at hand with a positive attitude. I try to keep one of my favorite quotes from a famous and beloved pastor in mind when faced with these challenges.

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.

Chuck Swindoll


Reactions are exactly what prompted me to write about this topic today. I want to share with you a recent situation we encountered. As a company, we don’t normally share this kind of thing because it tends to be negative and we don’t want to throw anyone under the bus. However, this situation is a reflection of something that happens way too often in this industry. I want to put it out there and shed some light on it because it should give us all some food for thought.

So, we got a new client the other day…

Here’s what happened. We had just sold a small business a website redesign. For the sake of this story, let’s call this business Bertha’s Balloons. Now, Bertha’s wanting to move her domain name and web hosting to SiteGround as we were actually rebuilding her static website on WordPress as part of the redesign. No problem, we handle that all the time.

First things first, we tried to get access to her current domain and website hosting. Bertha isn’t very familiar with the tech end of her business and doesn’t have the login information, but refers us to her provider. This is also a very common situation. However, this is where everything goes a bit sideways.

Bertha had purchased her website and domain through a company local to her business that offers a wide scope of media marketing, which I’ll call the Media company. The Media company farms that type of work out to a local Web company. We happened to have worked with both of these companies in the past, so we thought there shouldn’t be a problem getting the access.

We contacted the Web company directly to cut out the middle man. Web company verifies that they have the domain and web hosting, but tells us we’ll need to contact the Media company because they don’t have the access information. 🤔 We find that a bit strange, but Media company just changed ownership, so we figure they are just ironing things out.

Next up, we call the Media company. Guess what? They tell us they don’t have access and tell us to call the Web company. I bet you can see where this is going. We don’t panic because there is stuff we can work on for the client and we don’t absolutely need the information until the end of the project. However, after about a week of back and forth with these two companies, the client’s website goes down.

Now, that’s a problem.

At least we think it is. You see, when a client’s website goes down, we call that an emergency at All Web. We recognize that if your website is down, that means lost opportunities and potentially lost revenue for your business. That’s the type of stuff we take seriously. We’ve had strangers call us with this type of emergency that aren’t even our clients, and we drop everything to try to help them get back online. That’s just how you take care of people in our book.

Spoiler alert – not everyone cares as much as All Web.

Pointin’ Fingers

When I say that “we” were contacting these companies, I actually mean Braden, our smiley-faced developer, was in contact. If you know anything about Brady, he’s a super nice dude. He’s also a bit newer at All Web and isn’t quite as seasoned in the domain department as I am. Frustrated with still getting the run around from these two companies after the client’s website went down and continued to stay that way with no resolution, Brady brought me in for back up.

It appeared to me that these two companies had no idea what was going on and were just taking advantage of Brady’s inexperience and politeness as a way to not deal with the problem. After previously working in call center management for 6 years, I have absolutely no problem with being professionally abrasive when it comes to getting answers and justice for our clients. So, I immediately investigated the issue and took over communication.

I determined that the website had went down because the Media company had removed the Web company’s access and changed the domain registration to their new ownership information which had somehow in the process reset the name servers to incorrect settings.

Since our contacts at the Media company and Web company just wanted to point fingers at each other and do nothing, I used the contact information from the domain registration and any contact information for the Media company’s leadership I could find to barrage them with calls, messages, and emails.

Long story short, a high level employee quickly got back to me with contact information for the employee that actually had access to the domain and I was able to work with him to get the website back up and the domain transfer started by the next morning.

Why does this matter?

Consider this…we didn’t have to deal with any of that. We could have easily told Bertha that’s not our problem. We could have said the service we sold you doesn’t include weeks of frustrating communication with your current service providers. Or, we could have sent her an enormous bill for our troubles. We could have made poor Bertha figure out her own access information and transfer her domain herself. We could have also left her hanging with no website until our project was finished and the new one was ready to launch.

But, we didn’t. That’s not the All Web way. We believe in taking care of our customers and having their back in emergencies. Not only that, but we know that running a small business is stressful. We don’t want to add to your stress. Bertha knows that we took care of the problem for her, but we made it as minimally inconvenient for her as possible. She has no idea the lengths we went to for her and the time we invested into her problem. We don’t offer exceptional customer service just so that we can toot our own horn and use it as a selling point. We’re not in it for the kudos – we’re in it because we ❤️ our clients.

We have your back!

The situation I just told you about is similar to so many others that we’ve dealt with. The bottom line is that we see this so often in this industry because there are too many companies that just don’t care. Sometimes, it starts from the top level down with companies selling false promises for greed, but more often than not it’s just a genuine lack of compassion for others on an employee level. How you treat people matters and it’s important regardless of whether or not you’re profiting from the situation. Integrity is everything.

My plea for everyone that reads this is that you would think over this situation and take a deep look at yourself. How do you treat customers where you work? What is your company’s attitude towards customers? Is integrity an important factor to you when you decided which companies to do business with? If you’re not happy with your own answers to these questions, make a change and be the one that stands up with integrity.

Our promise to you is that All Web will have your back because we are a company with integrity. Our employees have real compassion for others and a desire to be a continuous positive light. #AllWebAlways

Stephanie Rawson

Stephanie has 15 years of self-taught HTML and web design experience along with an associates degree in Information Technology from Colorado Tech. Her previous experience in eCommerce and customer service gives her a unique insight into what clients and their customers are looking for. Outside of work, Stephanie is active in Christian ministry and loves geeky hobbies.

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