Website Trends to Look for in 2019

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Have you recently visited a website that stuck out to you as being outdated, cluttered, or taking forever to load? You probably didn’t spend much time on that website, and most people who visit it choose to take their money elsewhere. On the other hand, have you recently visited a website that stood out to you because you had a great experience? Website design and development in 2019 is predicted to be all about providing the best user experience. The two biggest factors that affect user experience are load times and mobile friendliness. Web design trends in 2019 will prioritize these while creating eye-catching designs.

Every Second Counts

Did you know that slow websites are responsible for $2.6 Billion lost sales annually? Studies show that over 50% of users believe a website should not take more than two seconds to load, and will abandon a site if it takes more than three seconds. Your website may have a beautiful design, but people aren’t going to see it if they’re not sticking around for it to load.


Infographic of a computer loading with the text "50% of users will abandon websites after loading takes more than 3 seconds."


Another reason your website’s load speed is so important is for SEO purposes. You may remember back in July of this year when Google released their Speed Update, which prioritizes rankings for sites that load faster. This gives a great opportunity to take a look at your current load speed and if it’s affecting your rankings.

Load times need to be considered during the design phase, and that’s exactly what is expected to happen in 2019. Prioritizing speed in the design phase will help streamline the development phase.

Mobile First

Load speed isn’t the only factor that affects user experience. Mobile use has taken priority over desktop use in the last few years, which has made mobile first web design a necessity.

Not only does a great mobile site enhance the user’s experience, but it can also boost search rankings. Google has changed over the past few years to prioritize mobile friendly sites in mobile search rankings. This trend is expected to continue not just through 2019, but for years to come.

Flat Design

Flat design (or Flat 2.0) is a trend that is all about minimalism and usability. This trend is already growing in popularity, and will continue because it is flexible enough to evolve as other trends evolve, such as the importance of speed and mobile functionality. Flat design doesn’t rely heavily on large pictures to grab attention, so a website using flat design won’t have large amounts of data to load. Less data to load means faster load times which make users more likely to stay longer and convert.

So, what exactly is Flat Design? The name may sound boring and 2 dimensional, but that’s not what flat design is all about. Flat Design basically eliminates clutter and brings more focus on the important elements, such as call to actions or must-read content on a page. Flat design captivates a viewer by combining bright colors, clean edges, effective open space, and some fun elements such as gradients or movement. Since flat design focuses on the user experience and functionality, it is a trend that will stick around and evolve.


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A lot can change in 12 months, especially when it comes to website trends and best practices. A website that looked amazing 10 years ago is most definitely outdated now. As for websites designed only 12 months ago, they probably need some updating. That’s why staying current on web design trends, algorithm updates and best practices is so important. This can be time consuming for business owners like you. That’s why we’re here to help!


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