Tip: How to Get More Likes on your Facebook Posts (Without Buying Ads!)


Have you ever “liked” a Facebook page, but rarely see its posts in your news feed?

“Liking” a business page on Facebook will make you a fan but does not guarantee you will see all of the posts they make.

How often a page’s posts are seen or interacted with is called its “Reach.” And for many businesses, their Facebook “Reach” has been declining steadily over the past few years. I’ve heard other businesses claim their current reach has gone from 18% down to only 2% of page fans who actually see the content. I even have a friend whose reach is currently 1%!

Facebook isn’t a free service and they are closing the gate making it harder and harder for businesses to receive free traffic. I believe Facebook would like you to run ads to acquire likes and boost your reach instead.

But there is another way for fans to see all of your posts! Turn on the “Get Notifications” feature for your page.

Get Facebook Notifications

Notifications will alert the user every time the page is updated, and each notification will appear in the Facebook Notification area. This is the same little globe area where your current friend notifications are displayed. Over the globe will be a little red icon with the number of new notifications, and fan page updates will be included with your friend and other notifications you’re already familiar with.

So now, a user can activate notifications for both business pages AND individual pages for which they don’t want to miss an update.

By informing and encouraging your fans to activate notifications, you could increase your reach and ensure all your posts are noticed without having to buy an ad.

You’re next job is ensuring you post great content worthy of everyone seeing!

To Activate Notifications for a Page:

  1. Go to the Facebook page you want to get the notifications from.
  2. “Like” the Page and continue hovering over the “Like” button.
  3. Select Get Notifications.

WARNING: If you post too much, you may irritate your fans. For example, if you post 10 times a day, your user will see 10 notifications in their profile. DON’T DO THIS! This may cause them to unlike your page all together instead of turning off notifications.

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