Social Media Super Bowl

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It’s time for the Social Media Super Bowl! Is your business prepared to head into game? This decade is going to be centered around your Business’ Social Media Presence! Here’s a few tips to get you into the Game!

Develop your Playbook

You’re running a business! Your mind is focused on sales, profits, & orders. Your hands are full with stocking, packing, shipping & re-stocking. Do yourself a favor, and utilize the Creator Studio on Facebook to Schedule Your Posts! Football coaches don’t run out onto the field without their plays developed, outlined and planned. You can have the same success by scheduling your posts ahead of time. Whether you sit down at the start of the week and schedule for the next few days, or set a few hours aside to get a full month in the system! This allows you to keep your active Facebook presence, while still being able to put your mind on the day-to-day business operations and client engagement.

Build your Team

When it comes to Facebook, you can’t JUST do ads, JUST post, or JUST engage with your customers. A team is not successful because you have a Star QB. You have to have a working offense, defense AND coaching staff. The best approach that you can take is to build your entire page giving all of these ‘players’ the attention that they deserve. Scheduling your posts is a big time saver. But don’t forget to log on regularly for customer engagement, returning messages, and developing ads.

Do your Film Study

Playoff Teams haven’t stopped running their plays because they’re in the finals. They are still watching, and re-watching their films to see what worked and what didn’t! You need to do the same thing with your Ads and Boosted Posts. One of the perks of Facebook is that you can immediately see your ad results. Do NOT ignore them! Evaluate where you’re successful and build on that. Look at unsuccessful ads, and make changes so that they will work better next time! Facebook has been making a number of changes to their Ad Types, and Targeting, so play with those to figure out which works for YOUR business.

Promote your Star Players

Listen friends…the BEST way to get your name out there, is to show your face. When you see Walter Payton, you know we are about to hear about the Chicago Bears. Highlight your STAR players, and put a FACE to your Facebook Page! I understand that your business goals might include selling the products or booking the reservations. However, your page will not benefit from pushing sales daily. You will be amazed at how REAL people will respond to seeing REAL people on your page, whether it’s photos of your Employee of the Month, customers celebrating in your dining room, or your staff enjoying a day off or a team building exercise.

Know when to Pass the Ball

No matter how great your Quarterback is, he needs to know when to pass the ball – and so do you, as a business owner. As we move into a new decade where Social Media is an integral part in your business, it’s never a bad thing to admit that you don’t have the time to devote to it. That’s why we are here!! We have staff dedicated to focusing on your business, and devoting the necessary time and attention to YOUR page, to ensure its success. Just give us a call. We are always ready for the hand-off!

Doneida Larsen

As a Pay Per Click account manager, Doneida has applied her strong background in online retail comparison and analysis to develop new marketing strategies. These strategies have helped our clients expand their businesses beyond their expected goals. Additionally, she has strong organizational skills that have helped us revamp and streamline our managing style for the better. Doneida enjoys spending her spare time with family as well as baking, crafting and other fun DIY projects.

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