Is your Email Marketing Ready for the Holidays?

Email marketing has the highest ROI of all direct marketing channels. If you’re not using email, or using it ineffectively, you are probably leaving money on the table. Follow this list to ensure you take your share of this season’s holiday season buying.

1. Start now

It does no good to send an email if it’s only going to land in the Spam folder. Spam filtering companies ramp up efforts this time of year to keep Inboxes clean. If you suddenly stick your head out of the sand on Cyber Monday or Black Friday, you will raise a red flag and likely not reach the Inbox. Start slowly and increase volume gently.

2. Clean your list

Suppress subscribers that have not ordered in the past 6-9 months. Send a reactivation email to those subscribers that haven’t opened/clicked or purchased in 9-24 months. Discard 24 month+ subscribers from your list.

3. Minimize spam complaints.

The quickest way to have your emails blocked at the top ISPs is subscriber spam complaints. Make sure your email offer is relevant, and there is a clear “Call to action” or “Click Here” button. Keep content to a minimum. Leave the heavy lifting to your website content.

4. Plan for mobile

Statistics show that 55% of your emails are being read on a mobile phone or tablet. In some industries and B2C lists, this rate can be even higher. Design and code your email so that it renders just as effectively on a desktop application, webmail, cell phone or tablet. Ignoring mobile will lead to ugly and ineffective email renderings and higher spam complaint rates which in turn lead to poor Inbox delivery.

5. Segment your list

Where possible, send content designed for specific segments of your subscriber list. This makes your email more relevant and results in higher open and click rates.

6. Personalize

Where possible, try making the email content unique to the recipient. If you know this subscriber purchases men’s clothing, don’t offer a dress. Even including the subscribers name in the body copy can have an impact.

7. Test, test, test

Every time you send an email campaign, you have an opportunity to test something to improve subsequent campaigns. Simple tests can include subject line tests, image and/or body copy tests and even the time of day.

Contact Peter Roebuck at 877-932-7766 if you have questions, would like a free evaluation of your current email marketing program, or to test sending email for the first time. Ho ho ho!

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