The Importance of Creating Branded Social Media Profiles

The Importance of Creating Branded Social Media Profiles

Just about every social media website provides business owners with an opportunity to create and personalize a company profile. In doing so, businesses are able to provide key information about their company and really create a unique and branded experience for their online communities. Unfortunately though, many small businesses fail to understand the importance of creating branded social media profiles and will simply ignore this part in the process. This is a huge mistake.

Social media profiles should be unique and, more importantly, they should coincide with a company’s branding goals. A company should never opt for using standard templates or imagery when customization is an option – and, in most cases, it most certainly is always an option. Instead, consider using logos or other recognizable company branding when creating profile photos, icons, backgrounds, and color schemes.

Why is it important to create a branded social media profile?

The use of a detailed company bio or banner graphic can do much to attract new community members and even new customers. Additionally, a branded profile will help users who may already be aware of a company, such as its clients, colleagues, and other industry followers, to recognize it immediately when looking for it.

Take for instance our company’s Facebook Page:

All Web Promotion - Facebook Cover

As you can see, we used a combination of text and graphics to illustrate who our company is and, more importantly, what it is we do. The fact that we are a small business helping other small businesses to achieve success through website design and marketing services is important to us. In fact, this is a big part of our company’s branding, and really speaks to the kind of following that we’re looking to attract on Facebook. Similarly, we try and remain consistent in our messaging throughout all social mediums, such as on Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn.

In closing, I encourage businesses of every size to give serious consideration to the development of their social media profiles. Companies should look to create a unique profile for each of their accounts and do so in a way that best represents their company as well the audience they are hoping to attract. Furthermore, a well-developed profile will help a company showcase the value it provides, which, in itself, creates an opportunity for a bigger, better social community, and potentially new customers in the process.

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