How To Unleash Your Logo’s Potential

What if a restaurant could have a logo that made people hungry? Or what if a bank had a logo that made people think of growth and security? These feats are not only possible but have already been proven to draw in customers in almost every industry. Whether seen on a sign, shirt, or website, a logo is usually the first impression of a business to a customer. A logo is more than a picture it is the embodiment of a business’s values, goals, and purpose; and is the first opportunity to catch someone’s attention and, in turn, their business. What does your business’s logo tell potential customers?

Does it catch your eye?

In an age that is saturated with ads, consumers see logos all the time! Therefore, the first test you can give your logo is making sure it is noticeable. A great way to test this is to make it black and white and look at it next to other logos. Which logos stand out to you? Why? This tests the shape and size of your logo. Make sure its shape is versatile enough to be able to tell what it is from far away and from different angles, because it may be put on cars and clothing.

Don’t just try to be eye catching, however, make sure your logo is memorable too. This is achieved by using simple distinct shapes. If your logo has a figure of an animal or person try to simplify it to basic shapes to give it a more clean-cut look. If your logo has a name or letters make them legible and bold. Check out Nike, AT&T, and Apple’s logo to see this done right. These logos are timeless because they heavily rely on their unique forms to be simple in shape but complex in meaning. Furthermore, be sure to research logos in your field to see what works and find inspiration.

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Does it evoke an emotion?

A logo can be a powerful tool if used correctly! Using color, shape, and typography it should give a viewer a feeling that better promotes your business. Colors are the best way to influence emotions without people realizing it. Take the McDonald’s logo as an example: it is a yellow “M” on a red background. Those colors aren’t just one’s they like, those colors have been proven to make people hungry. Red stops and makes you look and yellow is warm and inviting. Many banks and insurance companies do this too. They often use the color blue, which implies they are dependable, smart, and safe. Each and every color has a distinct emotion attached to it; therefore, do some research and find which best suits your business.

McDonald's Logo

The shape and typography also effects emotional responses. Look at the Dove logo, they use a simplistic dove shape that has a soft color and curved smooth lines. This image also complements the typography, which uses soft round edges to flow nicely. Dove is trying to make people feel calm and relaxed. They don’t use sharp edges and a bold typography, they use curved shapes and thin flowing letters. Decide what mood you want to communicate and be sure to choose your typography accordingly.

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As you can see there are many factors to consider when creating a logo; but don’t feel overwhelmed because there are people out there who specialize in this very field! Logo designers have the time and skill to understand your business and clearly display that with an image. Check out 5 Things to Know Before Hiring a Logo Designer to guide you in that process. Whether or not you decide to hire a designer, be sure to invest time and money into your logo to maximize your business today!

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