Google Rolls Out Two Major Updates In June

Calander marking the dates when Google makes updates.

Google is no stranger to rolling out updates willy nilly for its algorithm, but there have been two major updates in June that are impacting websites throughout the world.

The days of yearly or quarterly updates are over and many websites find themselves on the positive or losing ends of spontaneous changes, but the June updates were something special.

The Website Diversity Update

Website owners and SEO experts cringe when they see four or five results from the same website on search results. We’re like: “What makes them so special?” It can be frustrating because that real estate is vital to the growth and prosperity of a business and one website hogs it all.

Originally, this was purposefully done by Google many years back to make sure people got the best results for a search query even if they were all on the same site. At the time, it’s what searchers wanted, but their tastes have changed through the years.

Now, they want more diversity in their search listings, so the new update eliminates most of the multiple listings and limits them to two spots. New websites fill the rest of the spaces.

Although, Google did add the caveat it may not happen for all results. They reserve the right to add multiple instances of the same website if it clearly deserves to be there.

Subdomains Are Now Connected To Main Site

The Website Diversity Update also added a feature that changes the game for subdomains. Google considered subdomains as separate from the main site and SEO from the subdomain never made its way back to the main site.

For example, if you house a blog on a subdomain, the blog would get SEO points for the blog posts, but the main website wouldn’t.

The new update changes all that. Now Google representatives say subdomains will be part of the main site for SEO and search listings. Does that mean you should start going crazy with subdomains like a toddler on a sugar high? Probably, not.

Once again, Google provided the caveat that they can still consider a subdomain separate if they deem it necessary. Having a blog on your main site is still the best way to go, if possible.

June Core Algorithm Update

Rolled out on June 8, the Core Algorithm Update has some websites reeling, but not much is known about it yet. As time goes on, we’ll find out more, but it’s impacting everyone from small businesses to major news organizations.

We know the update is important because Google actually came out and mentioned it. Google used to be much more open about updates because they were infrequent and created major changes.

Recently, the company implemented automatic rollouts, so they make several small changes a month and dont tell anyone. Many times, SEO experts just see a major change and make an educated guess.

Given Google mentioned this, it could mean big changes. Websites such as had dramatic traffic changes, but as of yet, no one has figured out the target or what changed. Google continues with the party line that if you were impacted by the update, there’s nothing you can do.

It was designed not to lower existing websites but promote lower ranking websites just like the Medic Update. The company suggests creating good authoritative content and improve ranking.

Once we learn more about the core update, we’ll provide you with more information.

Brock Cooper

Brock has been doing SEO, Social Media Management and Marketing for seven years and has watched the industry shift and change, providing a unique perspective to clients. Brock is the recipient of two Associated Press awards and the Richard A. Laymon President's Award for Service by the renowned Horror Writer's Association. When he isn't scouring the Internet for the latest in SEO info, Brock enjoys writing short stories, teaching his wife and children the importance of Dr. Who and writing articles for various entertainment and video game sites.

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