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Google My Business recently announced a new feature release… drumroll, please! Custom URL Shortener. This is the best news I have heard all day 👏 However, this isn’t available on all accounts, yet. It appears they are rolling it out in phases. Don’t worry though; I think it is here to stay since there is already a help article available.

Why are you so excited about the new Google feature?

Let me tell you, my friends, that this is really exciting news. Especially if you have been linking to your reviews directly when soliciting reviews from customers. This is going to make that easier and better user experience for your customers. Also, let’s not forget that it finally gives you an opportunity to brand your Google My Business URL, adding value to your online presence.

How do I add my personalized Google My Business short name?

You can check your GMB account at On the “info” tab, scroll all the way to the bottom and see the new @ section. Here, you can edit to add your custom URL.

Googe My Business Info page.

Keep in mind URLs should be 32 characters or less. The name can contain anything about your business: name, location keywords, service type, etc. You can change your short name up to 3x per year. However, I would avoid that for linking purposes. Take your time when considering your first short name.

It’s important to note, only verified accounts have the ability to customize the short name. If you haven’t claimed and verified your profile, take 10 mins to follow these easy steps. With the momentum we have seen Google My Business moving forward at, this is definitely one platform you want to pay attention to.

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