Google My Business Impacts Local Searches with New Post Feature

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Google My Business is a force you should recognize and give proper credit to in the Local SEO arena. To start harvesting this power, you first need to claim and verify your free listing. Fill out as much detail as possible about your business, and don’t rush through this process. You can add information like address, website, great photos, and accommodations. This is where you have control on what Google publishes on your listing.

You’ve Claimed and Verified, Now Monitor Closely

It’s important you monitor your listing. This isn’t a set it and forget it type of account. Remember if you aren’t adding the details, users can suggest edits to automatically update your listing. Below you can see the user suggested edits highlighted, which you can approve if you are checking your account regularly.

Keep in mind Google does not wait for your approval before updating your listing, and you won’t always get notifications about this. They do say they send out emails to managers, but that is not always the case in our experience. Get in the habit of frequently checking your account; otherwise your Mexican restaurant could be listed as serving Indian Food and not accepting credit cards. We have even seen cases where the address and website are changed by malicious users.

Google My Business Now Offers Posts

I am most excited about the new Posts feature. This is like your own ad space, but for free! Posts are relatively new so many businesses haven’t gotten on board with consistently using this feature. It’s a great time to get ahead of your competitors by testing out some different types of posts. It’s easy to post, first just login to the GMB dashboard. Click on ‘Posts’ in the left navigation.

Now, it’s time to get creative! Here is where you can showcase all sorts of fun things about your business, catching user’s attention quickly. It’s best to use a photo, along with a description. Keep in mind Google recommends between 100-300 words, but I prefer to keep it short since only a portion will display depending on what size device you view it on.

Some ideas you might want to post about are:

  • Events, Workshops, Webinars, and More! We all love hosting. You can openly invite everyone to your next party 🎉 Add the post as an event with start and end dates.
  • Specials – Announce upcoming specials. You can also set a start and end dates for the special.
  • New Items – Showcase off new items with a picture, price and description.

Every post has button options, too! Direct customers to your website to buy that new product, a landing page to book an event, or even a call now button to setup dinner reservations.

Posts only have a lifespan of 7 days, so frequency and consistency are important to keep your posts activated. Tip: Posts take up prominent real estate in mobile, so be sure to always have a post active.

With today’s competitive market, this is an easy step you can add to your marketing routine. By displaying interesting, timely and relevant information about your business, you can capture your current and potential customers’ attention. And, as always, if you have any questions, we have experts that are always happy to help!

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