How Facebook Increased Sales by 2800% For This Local Business

Facebook Pineapple Express

According to Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook has reached 2 billion monthly active users. Nuts, right? So the question everyone wants to ask is “how do you reach those 2 billion people?!” If you are a small business owner, I bet you’d really like to know the answer!

Recently Ashley Burroughs, owner of The Flower Bar in Peru, Illinois, managed to find a good portion of local Facebook and Instagram users and turned them into customers. And believe me when I tell you that it worked out very well for her business!

Now, truth be told, she did not find 2 billion customers from Facebook. But over the course of 2 days, she did bring quite an increase in new customers walking into her floral shop. And as her nosey next door neighbors, we noticed right away the big increase in customers leaving with a plant that looked an awful lot like a pineapple; which is a pretty rare sight to see in Illinois!

Like any good marketing company, we jumped at the chance to investigate WHY this was happening. What was drawing customers to this adorable tropical plant?

It turns out The Flower Bar had done what any good small business should do: they posted a simple giveaway on their Facebook and Instagram pages.

The Flower Bar Pineapple Facebook Giveaway

Who knew this pineapple plant could be so popular?

The Results


  • Post liked by 159 people.
  • Shared by 206.
  • 45 comments (at the time of this blog)


  • 193 post likes

The Flower Bar Instagram Giveaway

And while these numbers are fabulous, we know what really matters to a small business owner. So, I ran over to The Flower Bar to see how the post REALLY did for them.

I asked Ashley how the post did for sales and she said, “I couldn’t believe it! It’s been freaking crazy!” In a matter of 2 days, they increased their normal pineapple plant sales by 2,800%!

Yes, you read that right!

And that is just sales for this ONE product, other items and orders increased as well. And she only had to give ONE plant away to drum up business. That’s quite the turnaround. She was so blown away with the increase, she had to place a rush order after the first day so that she was able to fill all of the orders she had received!

The Lesson

So how did The Flower Bar manage to find the Pineapple Express with a post that resonated so well and became so profitable?

Well, the most obvious reason is that pineapple plants are pretty adorable and who wouldn’t want one?! The second is that everyone likes giveaways. But not all giveaways are the same and can do as well.

Ultimately, it is up to Facebook’s algorithm to determine how many people see your post. But there are a few things your business can regularly do to increase your reach on important posts, such as:

  • Post great, engaging content
  • Post regularly and consistently
  • Take great quality photos
  • Invest in well-written, highly converting ads

While The Flower Bar has crossed a few of these things off their list, imagine the sales they could have garnered if they had promoted their giveaway? By boosting their post, they could have reached an even larger audience, and increased likes and traffic to their shop by even more. Often times, boosting posts can be as low as $5 or $10.

If you’re interested in stumbling upon your portion of the 2 billion users on Facebook and feel out of your element … reach out to us today. We would love to help you make your mark on the Social Media World, and who knows, maybe increase YOUR sales by 2,800%

Doneida Larsen

As a Pay Per Click account manager, Doneida has applied her strong background in online retail comparison and analysis to develop new marketing strategies. These strategies have helped our clients expand their businesses beyond their expected goals. Additionally, she has strong organizational skills that have helped us revamp and streamline our managing style for the better. Doneida enjoys spending her spare time with family as well as baking, crafting and other fun DIY projects.

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