Change Is Good, Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

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The vast majority of people don’t like change. Change means risk. Change means uncertainty. People wrap themselves up in a blanket of comforting sameness that is safe and secure. It protects you from the changes of the outside world like a silken armor that feels blissful and yet is as hard as steel.

The problem with change is it happens whether you want it to or not. While you’re snug in your armor, the world keeps turning and the tried and true methods of yore are outdated and obsolete. When you’re used to doing something or seeing something a certain way, it can be difficult to change it.

Whether it’s changing the branding or design of your website, updating your PPC or SEO campaigns or understanding the new world of the customer journey, you like the old ways. By abandoning change, you’re limiting or destroying your profits and traffic and distancing yourself from your customer base.

Change is Inevitable, Embrace it

When I close my eyes, I can still remember what it was like to hold my oldest child when he was a baby. In the second floor nursery of an old house in Peru, I sat in a glider rocker with him asleep on my shoulder.

It had become our ritual. We sat in a tiny room lit only by a single dim nightlight that subtly reflected off the powder blue paint. I gently rocked and patted his back as I sang a seemingly random mix of nursery rhymes, children’s songs, and Christmas carols.

It was this moment with his head heavy on my shoulder that I wanted to last forever. I was truly happy and fulfilled. The rest of the world fell away and there was only me and my baby.

Days turned to weeks and weeks into months. I didn’t want him to change. I didn’t want our ritual to end, but it wasn’t up to me. He grew and got older despite my protests.

It was time to embrace the change. He didn’t need me to rock him to sleep at night, but I got to play video games with him. I get to watch him become a smart and amazing young man that I love so much sometimes I think my heart will explode.

He’s currently 13 and is as tall or taller than me. The days of singing Jingle Bells in the middle of summer in that dark nursery are long gone, but instead, I talk to him about black holes and time travel.

Change doesn’t have to be good or bad. It just is. It’s something I deal with every day at All Web. A Google engineer gets a little handsy with the algorithm and my whole professional world topples overnight.

The world changes and I adapt; so should you.

Life is About Risk, Take a Chance

You’ve probably heard of adrenaline junkies that jump off buildings or climb them just for the fun of it or the people that climb Everest even though they might die in the process. They love taking a risk. I’m not one of those people. I’ve never felt the need to jump out of a perfectly good airplane.

Most people don’t take a risk until they’re backed into a corner. Sales are down and they’re on the verge of shutting down. A Google algorithm change tanked their rankings and now they’re getting no traffic. Something needs to change if the norm is to continue.

Risk doesn’t have to be make or break. It just means you accept the risk of failure. In July of 2010, I sat across from my wife in the dining room of that old Peru house. The idea of working full time from home as a writer was something I was interested in for a few years.

I’d built up my freelancing career and was ready to take it full time. We had three children including a baby. There were a lot of risks involved. I was starting from the bottom. There wasn’t a guarantee of a regular paycheck. We had to make sure we had food on the table and diapers at the ready.

I decided to accept the risk of failure and for the next 2 ½ years my wife and I both worked from home. Was it easy? God, no. It was a constant struggle of feast or famine. There were days I would work 20 hours, morning, noon and night and then do it all again. We always had food (for the kids at least) and diapers.

Was it worth it? 100 percent Yes! I got to watch my youngest first steps, visit my kindergartens afternoon events and grab an ice cream for lunch with the family. Most dads are lucky to see their kids for a few hours a day, but I got to watch them grow and change for almost three years.

When my youngest started preschool, I decided the days of feast and famine were over. The call of the constant paycheck was too good. I don’t regret the decision because it put me on the path to All Web.

Don’t wait until the risk is unavoidable. Take the risks now when you can absorb a failure or reap the benefits of payoff. It may not be easy, but taking the risk is worth it.

If you are ready to take a risk to build your traffic or increase your sales, then contact All Web Promotion today.

Brock Cooper

Brock has been doing SEO, Social Media Management and Marketing for seven years and has watched the industry shift and change, providing a unique perspective to clients. Brock is the recipient of two Associated Press awards and the Richard A. Laymon President's Award for Service by the renowned Horror Writer's Association. When he isn't scouring the Internet for the latest in SEO info, Brock enjoys writing short stories, teaching his wife and children the importance of Dr. Who and writing articles for various entertainment and video game sites.

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