Benefits of a Yahoo! Store Website

If you’re thinking of opening your own online store, than you most likely have done a lot of research and comparison to find the right solution. Working with many small businesses who use Yahoo Merchant Solutions and as owners ourselves, we have found there are many benefits of a Yahoo Store website.

Since 1998, Yahoo has invested a lot of time and effort to create a store management system that is easy enough for the budding entrepreneur yet sophisticated enough for the established brand. Yahoo Small Business has its own staff of marketing and engineering experts who are dedicated to the continual growth and capabilities of Yahoo Merchant Solutions. Over 45,000 online stores (more than any other hosted platform), including some of the top 500 Internet retailers, have discovered the benefits of a Yahoo Store and you can too.

Domain and Email Addresses

With every Yahoo Store, you receive a dedicated domain name and can create your own business email accounts (i.e. These email addresses can be accessed online through Yahoo! Mail or set up with your computer or mobile device’s email client (i.e. Microsoft Outlook).


All Yahoo Store Merchant Solutions accounts include Web Hosting Professional features such as 10 GB of disk space and 200 GB a month of bandwidth.

No Software to Install

Beneath the friendly interface is the most powerful online store software available and it’s all hosted on Yahoo’s, secure servers. The benefit for this is that you can work from any computer or mobile device to check on orders or make updates at any time from virtually any location in the world. Because it’s hosted on Yahoo’s servers, you don’t have to worry about your computer crashing and losing everything. Their servers are backed up with the latest security technology to ensure your store is safe and running an unprecedented 99.9% of the time.

Shopping Cart System

Your store includes customer-friendly shopping cart and checkout pages that automatically calculate tax and shipping charges you can preset.

Secure Server 128 Bit SSL

Yahoo Stores use industry-standard SSL encryption to scramble credit card information sent from the shopper’s computer to Yahoo’s server and from Yahoo’s server to your merchant account.

Order Management System

With your Yahoo Store it is easy to accept, process, and confirm the status of incoming orders. You can also apply your own order settings, including tax rates and shipping.

Coupon Manager

It’s easy to create coupons with Yahoo’s, built in Coupon Manager. You can create your own custom codes and set individual expiration dates. You can apply percentage discounts (10% off) or dollar amount discounts ($5 off) and can create free shipping offers for specific types of shipping you offer. You can also set minimum purchase amounts and apply it to certain items. Plus with Yahoo’s, internal tracking, you can actually see the revenue generated from your coupon codes easily.

Tracking Tools

One of the most useful benefits of a Yahoo Store is they feature the most complete set of tracking tools of any online store system. You can easily see information such as where visitors are coming from and how much revenue they are generating. Additional information you’ll find useful includes page views, visits, sales volumes, and conversion rates for any time period generated in helpful graphs at your will. Yahoo even shows you which search engines and keywords are sending you traffic. If that’s not enough, Yahoo Stores can easily integrate with their own analytics program, with Google Analytics, or virtually any other analytics software you may prefer.

Access Manager

Yahoo, provides an Access Manager system which allows you to grant other people (such as web developers and marketing personnel) with access to your store without having to give away your confidential login information. With 6 different levels of access you can give users access to certain sections of your store. This not only secures your own information but also the sensitive information your customers trust you with.

New Features

As we said earlier, Yahoo has its own staff of engineers and marketers who work solely with Yahoo Small Business. To stay on top of their game they listen to online retailers and developers like us to ensure they are offering the latest tools and capabilities for their store owners to run fully functional online shops.


If all of these features (and the many others we didn’t mention) are not enough, your store can be customized to what you need. As Yahoo Store developers, we know the in-and-outs of this store platform and can work with you to create unique, customized solutions for your business. We know advanced RTML, the exclusive programming language of Yahoo Merchant Solutions, and others that allow us to create and develop the exact type of solution you need. If you see it on another store and want it on yours, call us and we can help!

Name Recognition

Yahoo is a global brand that has been around for decades and is known by people of all ages. With that said, we believe that when customers see their transaction is going over the secure Yahoo server network, they will feel that their sensitive personal information is safe and sound. They also see that as a Yahoo merchant, they can also reach out to Yahoo support for further assistance. Their name also gives your store additional points in trust-worthiness, which is something you can definitely benefit from.

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