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Johannes Gutenberg working at word press saying whoops whilst at a desktop computer

Is Gutenberg Going to Break Your WordPress Site?

By Stephanie Rawson / August 6, 2018 /

Right about now, half of you are trying to prepare yourselves for Gutenberg and the other half of you are asking, “What in the world is Gutenberg?” Whether you’ve heard about Gutenberg or not, it’s looming on the horizon and is the source of many heated debates and controversies. Is it the change that’s going to launch WordPress into the...

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CMS 101 - What is a Content Management System (CMS)?

CMS 101 – What is a Content Management System (CMS)?

By Stephanie Rawson / January 19, 2018 /

You may not know what a Content Management System (CMS) is or what it does. However, you’ve probably used at least one without even knowing it. In simple terms, a CMS is an app that lets you create, edit, and maintain content. If you use social networking sites like Facebook, you’ve gotten a tiny taste of what this is like....

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Yahoo Webinar: Engage and Funnel Your Customers

Tactics to Boost Revenue – Part 1: Engage and Funnel Your Customers

By Stephanie Rawson / May 17, 2017 /

We are so excited to be teaming with Aabaco Small Business by Yahoo for a series of webinars focusing on tactics to boost revenue. Our first webinar in the series was today. In case you missed it, we wanted to provide you with the details. Here’s an approximate transcript of the webinar. I’m going to be covering some fundamental tactics...

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Video: Intro. To Cyber Security Presentation

By Stephanie Rawson / March 16, 2017 /

Earlier this month, we gave a presentation for the Illinois Valley Area Chamber of Commerce on cyber security basics. Above is the video and below is a transcript of our presentation, including audience questions. Enjoy! Today we are going to share with you some tips to keep you a little bit safer. These include proper passwords use, security of physical...

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Yahoo Merchant Store Editor - Siberia

Yahoo Merchant Solutions Clipboard – The tale of orphans, exiles, and Siberia

By Stephanie Rawson / February 28, 2017 /

Does the clipboard in the Yahoo Aabaco Small Business Merchant Solutions store editor leave you frustrated and confused? You’re not alone. Without proper knowledge and guidance, using the clipboard feature can you leave with pages that are misplaced or missing altogether. Don’t let this discourage you. The clipboard is an extremely useful and necessary feature. The first step to mastering...

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Yahoo Store Coupon Manager - Target Items

Yahoo Store Coupon Manager – Setting Up Coupons Based On Brands

By Stephanie Rawson / October 7, 2016 /

If you’ve ever used the Coupon Manager in the Yahoo Merchant Solutions store manager, you probably know that you can set up coupons that only apply to specific items. You can manually enter a list of codes for the items you wish to apply the coupon to or you can sort through a hierarchy of your categories to find the...

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Cyber Security - Part 3

Cyber Attacks: Are You At Risk? Part Three

By Stephanie Rawson / July 14, 2016 /

If you’ve been following along for the last two weeks, you know that you are at risk for cyber crime and we’re here to give you tips to keep you safe. We’ve talked about passwords and pirate, wireless and Webroot. Today, we’re talking about protecting your website. Secure Shopping If your website exchanges information with its visitors such as login...

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Cyber Security - Part 2

Cyber Attacks: Are You At Risk? Part Two

By Stephanie Rawson / July 6, 2016 /

Welcome back for Cyber Attacks round two! Last week we talked about Cyber Attacks, who is vulnerable and what you can do about it. In case you missed it, the answers are ‘you’ and ‘be proactive’. We are sharing some great tips with you on how to be more proactive about your cyber defense. Last week I taught you all...

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Cyber Security - Part 1

Cyber Attacks: Are You At Risk? Part One

By Stephanie Rawson / June 29, 2016 /

The short answer is YES. No one is immune to cyber attacks. If you’ve been anywhere near a news outlet in the last few years, you know that cyber crime is on the rise. Unfortunately, there are no ‘cyber police’ to come to the rescue. In fact, there is a popular virus named the ‘Cyber Police Virus’ because the extortionists...

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Asana Logo

Managing Projects & Productivity Like a Boss

By Stephanie Rawson / June 22, 2016 /

Before I go any further, there’s something I have to get off my chest. Dear Asana, Where have you been all of my life? I can’t imagine getting through my days without you. You give me reasons to go on throughout the day. You make life easy and clean and breezy. Oh, how I love the encouragement you give me...

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