All Web Spreads the HOPE and Gets their Hands Dirty

Brandee, Doneida, and Kaitlyn at HOPE Week.

Welcome to the second installment of “Bragging on All Web!” I’m your host: Brady Hamiel!

Today, we’ll look at All Webbers in their natural habitat: helping their community. Only this time it’s not by marketing local small businesses from a nice cushy chair, it’s by getting their hands dirty!

In our last episode “Why I ♥️ All Web Promotion and How You Can Emulate Them,” we discussed how the All Web Team both corporately and individually volunteers their time and money to various charities throughout the year. However, all this volunteering hits its concentrated peak on one particular week: HOPE Week.

What’s HOPE Week?

Well, a simple clear cut definition couldn’t do it justice, so we thought we’d interview some of our All Webbers as they give their own unique definition and what it means to them:

Brandee in front of a white brick white wall.



Hope Week is an amazing time of the year! There is an easy way, to sum up what it means to me and this community. It is spelled H O P E, it’s as simple as that. What is not so simple is the behind the scenes planning and executing of the event. So many countless hours are poured out by several volunteers, yes I said volunteers, with project planning, supply purchasing, volunteer organization, project leading, and the list goes on. My part of Hope Week feels so tiny compared to those volunteers. But I love the opportunity and time I am able to give to this movement.

My contribution is done with the inspiration of Jesus serving others with a love so deep that it’s hard to explain. A love that he wanted everyone to experience, so he gave more and more of himself to make sure others have the opportunity to grow in His seeds. I can take time out of my 7 days and serve this community the same way. It’s only 7 days! And at the end of this week, yes I am tired, my house is a disaster… literally! I have no food to eat in my fridge, my grass is a foot tall, and I have probably neglected a client or two. But the renewed HOPE that I personally feel, and the impact I helped make on this community makes we want to do it 10x over (maybe just not in a row!)

I feel inspired as others around me get excited to serve with me. This isn’t something that is bottled and kept for yourself.. it’s contagious! An overwhelming sense of renewal and HOPE fills your heart at every project. Serving alongside friends, coworkers, and strangers is one of the best parts. The friendships and communities that are built will last a lifetime. The crazy part of it all is all those people who come together are so happy and smiling the whole time. Volunteers get dirty, rained on, painted, scraped up, and sore.. but have the best time doing it! That’s when you know God has his hand in this, and the HOPE is way bigger than the 4 walls of a church. It’s about community, plain and simple.


Kaitlyn in front of a white brick white wall.



For 2 years now I have participated in Hope Week. Although I have only participated for 2 years, that time has been so valuable to me and has opened my eyes to how fun volunteering and helping your community can be! The best part of Hope Week for me is seeing the communities come together and take time out of the day to help each other. As more people participate each year, the communities see a bigger impact and Hope Week can continue to grow. I participate in Hope Week because I love helping my community and seeing so many people come together for a great purpose. Thank you to my team at All Web Promotion who introduced me to Hope Week and encourages us all to participate every year!


Doneida in front of a white brick white wall.



I do a good bit of volunteering for a number of organizations and events on a pretty regular basis. But I have never seen or been a part of any Volunteering Efforts that are like Hope Week until last year. The organization, planning, prep, thought, care, blood, sweat and tears that go into each and every project is simply incredible. I have served as a volunteer for Hope Week two times, once last year and once this year, and I continue to be impressed time after time. Not only is it a great opportunity to get outside with friends, co-workers, and meet new people in the community; but it’s an honor, and a blessing to be able to give back to the community. And, I don’t just mean during Hope Week, or while you are volunteering…for days, weeks and months after.

Last year, I was on the group that was tasked to paint fire hydrants in Oglesby; and a year later; I still think of that every time that I drive through town and notice the bright red hydrants. I remember getting to know my co-workers a little better while we were sweating through the heat, and giving back. There is a park in Cedar Point that gets a little TLC during Hope Week; it’s also the ‘home’ of a large Cancer Benefit for Cops 4 Cancer each Summer. I always take a minute when I get there to think about all of the awesome people that took time out of their day that one week in June to clean, scrub, scrape, paint, weed and more regardless of the weather or their “to-do list” at work or at home. This year, the ‘All Web Crew’ gathered in a little park in Troy Grove to help make it a little more beautiful. We got rid of some weeds, planted flowers, sifted sand and danced in the rain. Mind you, I would NEVER do these things at my own home in the rain. But it’s just different at Hope Week…it gives you the motivation to dig deep, even in the rain to help others. Thinking about the kids that will be so happy to not have rocks and twigs in the sand at their playground. The family reunions that will enjoy a beautiful shelter during their gathering!

One of the things that I find so cool about Hope Week is that day after day, hundreds of volunteers sign up and show up to work for HOURS on a number of projects. More times than not, they don’t do it because they use that park, or because they live in these towns. They don’t always have a ‘vested interest’ in the project or even the community. They do it because it’s a GOOD thing to do! WE do it because it’s the right thing to do, because it’s helpful, because it’s FUN, and for me, I love knowing that the help that I give, and the help that countless others give…is leaving something behind that SO many people can enjoy! So really…why not?

Where does this leave us?

It leaves us with less free time, untidy homes, and sore bodies, things that are so temporary and worth giving for a cause greater than ourselves.

That concludes toady’s program! If our All Webber’s testimonies motivated you to serve too, then learn more about HOPE Week’s work here and consider signing up for next year’s projects.

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