All Web Promotion Marketing Team Wins Google Partner Q2 Mobile Challenge

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Every quarter, badged Google Partner agencies are challenged to exceed goals and expectations and set themselves apart from everyone else. All Web Promotion is honored to be selected as one of the top 10 marketing agencies in the U.S. and Canada in the Q2 Mobile Business Challenge.

“We are incredibly honored to be recognized by Google,” All Web Promotion owner Michael Roebuck said. “It just goes to show that we are a leader not only in the Illinois Valley, but in the nation.”

All Web was one of the top 10 badged Google Partners with the highest percentage increase of mobile friendly client websites introduced into their AdWords client management account within the quarter.

This award not only comes with the prestigious recognition, but it also includes a trip to Google’s Mountain View headquarters to meet with their representatives and record a video at their Hangout studio.

The Importance of Mobile Websites

People use mobile phones to search online for everything from restaurants to home furniture and that number grows each year. It’s easier to just look something up on your phone than to go to a computer.

A mobile friendly website is designed to be visually appealing on a smartphone either through a completely new mobile website or responsive design.

“Long before Google began its mobile algorithm change, we were advocating for mobile websites and responsive design,” Roebuck said. “We saw the writing on the wall and made it a priority for our clients.”

Using Google AdWords to Maximize Impact

Google has acknowledged this importance by penalizing websites that aren’t mobile friendly in organic search and introducing new bidding tools and opportunities within AdWords to maximize mobile advertising.

Pay Per Click accounts managed by All Web Promotion regularly feature mobile specific strategies that are designed to target users searching on their phones. Utilizing the tools and bidding strategies available, we are able to further our client’s reach with a more effective return on investment.

How to Improve Your Mobile Strategy

If your website is still not designed to be mobile-friendly or your marketing initiatives lack mobile strategies, contact us or call us today (1.888.883.9462) to learn how you can bring your business up to speed.

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