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Oglesby, IL – December 19, 2002 — Yahoo for Y Store Made Easy, the newest tutorial on how to set up and maintain your Yahoo! Store site! This 3 CD ROM series will guide you through the process of setting up your Yahoo! Store, customizing features and maintaining your site. Having a Yahoo! Store website will enable your own store to reach many qualified customers from one of the largest shopping audiences on the web today. Think it sounds too good to be true? Well, think again. According to Michael Roebuck, general manager All Web Promotion, author and consultant, this is a reality. “We [All Web Promotion] can create an E-commerce enabled website for clients starting at $299, but a growing number of small companies want to build and maintain a website themselves thereby eliminating outside vendor costs. This is a wonderful opportunity for anyone looking to expand his or her business or for those looking to understand more about their own Yahoo! Store.

Why not take advantage of such a great opportunity and help your business get ahead? Learn how to set up your business inexpensively and effectively on one of the Internet’s most popular portals. Take a hint from Roebuck, he knows what he is talking about. Creating ways to help small businesses get ahead on the Internet is not new to him. Roebuck has written A Beginner’s Guide to Search Engine Placement and Ranking, a book to help beginners understand the “ins and outs” of search engine placement. He also maintains a consultant website at

Make Yahoo easy for you with Y Store Made Easy! There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee, that is how much Roebuck believes in his product. Find out more at: or With questions, email at or call 1-888-883-9462.

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