All Web Promotion and AlertSite Team Up

Oglesby, IL – July 26, 2002 — All Web Promotion is now offering website monitoring services through AlertSite Website Monitoring Systems. AlertSite protects web investments to help ensure a good user experience. This is performed with tests to web sites and Internet servers, as often as every minute, to make certain that sites are not just up and running but that they are reliably and quickly serving web pages, content and images to visitors. Measurement of the site performance is from the visitors’ perspective. The service includes immediate notification to web site owners and administrators via E-mail, pager or cell phone. Results are provided in easy-to-read, graphical reports.

Michael Roebuck, General Manager of All Web Promotion, Inc. in Oglesby, is expecting great things from the new team. They will be able to assist customers whose websites may not be functioning correctly. Many times, website owners find out their website is not functioning when customers call up and complain. This can be embarrassing. This new service will “alert” you when your site is not functioning and many other variables. “Everyone with a website needs this service!” Roebuck explains.

Additional information can be found on the All Web Promotion Website located at:

All Web Promotion

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