Aabaco Transition FAQ

Next week, the Yahoo Small Business that we all know and love becomes Aabaco. While the companies tried their best to make the transition as smooth as possible and provide the same interface and services as before, All Web Promotion understands you might have questions and concerns once everything switches over on Monday.

We want to alleviate those concerns and give you as much information as possible, so we’ve put together this little guide on what you’ll need to do and what will change once your Yahoo! Store becomes Aabaco.


You will need to get a Aabaco login ID to have access to your store. When you first login, you’ll be asked for your original Yahoo identification and password. Once this is completed, you’ll create a new Aabaco login and password.

If you don’t remember your login or password for Yahoo, then you will have to contact Yahoo Customer Service.

Many people prefer to use bookmarks and shortcuts to get to their store. Once the Aabaco transition happens, your bookmark may redirect you to Aabaco, but that isn’t a guarantee. It depends on what page was bookmarked. Once you get to the Aabaco page, make sure to create the new bookmark or shortcut.

Name Servers and Domain Issues

Name servers for your domain will be moved to a Aabaco address. If your domain was originally purchased through Yahoo!, then you don’t have to do anything. If you didn’t buy your domain from Yahoo!, then you’ll have to update your DNS manually. If you need to know how to do that, then visit here.

While not an immediate need, those using a custom domain to point to Merchant Services will need to make some changes eventually. Aabaco will notify customers when that change is required. The same goes for API addresses. API info will be updated as new addresses go live. Also, if you use an existing domain instead of a new one when registering, then you’ll need to update the CNAME record.


One of the big questions people want to know when there’s a big change is, how much will it cost? We’re happy to say that as of now, the cost of your services through Aabaco will be no different than with Yahoo Small Business. Billing should not be impacted if your billing information is current. If you want to examine any billing history prior to the transition, then you can get that at billing.yahoo.com.

Your Site

You won’t see any visible changes to your site with the transition. It won’t be down for any period of time, but a mandatory maintenance is scheduled for 7 p.m. PT Saturday, Nov. 7 to 6 p.m. PT Sunday, Nov. 8. During that time, your site will be up, but some functionality may be limited. There may also be some times in the near future where publishing on your site will take longer than usual.

Bits and Pieces

It is inevitable that as the roll out continues more changes will be needed. You can check out the Help Page for the most up to date information. If you don’t find it there or you still have questions, then feel free to contact us at (888) 883-9462.

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