6 New Year Resolutions to Make 2019 Your Most Productive Year

Here at All Web, we are always looking to the future and seeing how we can improve. That’s why we make resolutions every year. It helps us keep the vision of where we want to grow and how to get there. In fact, we love making resolutions so much that we decided to make some that you can apply to your business to have your most productive year yet!

Create a Testing Schedule

Brandee in front of a white brick white wall.Brandee: When was the last time you tested the functionality of your website? How about the last time you looked at it on an ipad or mobile device? Try to think of as many audiences as possible and how they might connect with your website. Walk through the website experience on all platforms. Testing your website can help prevent lost revenue or identify potential improvements to meet your audiences demands.

Implement a set schedule and have multiple different testers looking at the website. Everyone has slightly different browsing habits and preferences, so the larger the test group the better. Without a plan, it’s not anybody’s job, therefore it’s no one’s job!

Identify Your KPI’s

Stephanie in front of a white brick white wall.Stephanie: KPIs are key performance indicators. It’s great to say you want to grow and do better in 2019, but what does that mean? How are you going to accomplish that and what will it look like? How will you measure success? Without identifying your key performance indicators, you can’t set specific goals. For example, “increase sales” is a generic goal. However, “increase average order value” is a specific goal that you can measure. It’s something you can research and target. You can build an action plan around increasing AOV and when it comes time to evaluate, you’ll know exactly how well you did. Whether you’re focusing on AOV, conversion, brand following, traffic or something else, make a point to identify your KPIs so that you can create actionable goals and measure performance.

Invest in Your Content

Brock CooperBrock: Content is king. It’s been said over and over again through the years, but that phrase has never been more true that right now. You can’t game the system or try and fool Google. You have to play by their rules and the needs of your consumers. Create amazing content filled with keywords that isn’t designed to sell your business, but to help your customers.

Answer their questions, highlight the importance of your product or service, teach them how to do small things on their own. Imagine if you were in their shoes, what would you want to know. It’s important to have links in your article to internal pages and external sources as well.

Share your content on social media. Don’t create anything that you’re not proud of. Your customers are thirsty for knowledge and when they want answers they go to Google. Invest in your content and customers will know that you care about them and their needs.

Listen to Your Customers

Kaitlyn in front of a white brick white wall.Kaitlyn: Customers are one of the most important parts of your business, and you can’t grow without customers buying what you’re selling. It’s one thing to have customers, but you also need to understand who they are, why they’re buying from you, and what kind of experience they are having. To understand them, you have to listen to them! You can listen to them by sending out customer surveys, asking for feedback on purchases and customer service, and you can even invest in some user testing. Once you have all this feedback, put it to good use. Implement plans to put that feedback into action and improve customer experience. This coming year, commit to making customers a priority and watch your business grow and succeed in return.


Braden in front of a white brick white wall.Braden: What’s better than one talented worker creating something… Five talented workers creating something!

Having your employees collaborate on projects kills two turtle doves with one partridge. Not only does it allow different people with different perspectives to check work, it also brings the team together. Everyone on the team will have to humble themselves and work together with good communication. As they work together they open up to each other and get to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. By the time the team is finished with the project, each employee will see that they are a part of one purpose and be more unified.

Try Something New

Doneida in front of a white brick white wall.Doneida: When it comes to social media, being consistent is important, but changing things up can be just as beneficial.
Keep up with your regular posts, but pepper in fun things like a Poll or Trivia Question. These things will increase Post Engagement by encouraging customers to comment or vote on their favorites. If you haven’t already, try Ads through Social Sites like Facebook and Instagram; or BOTH! It’s a great way to find new customers, with just a small portion of your advertising budget. Giveaways are a FABULOUS way to improve your page performance. They’re also a good way of introducing a new product, reminding people about your most popular items or even pushing seasonal items.

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