5 Things 2017 Taught Us About Growing Your Business

2017 is quickly coming to a close. We’ve been super busy this past year, but a few of us wanted to take a minute to share something we learned that might help you moving forward into 2018.

Take The Direction of Your Website Into Your Own Hands

Brandee: I was so excited to start using Page Builder for WordPress websites. Once I started playing around with this tool and installed it on a couple of websites, I instantly saw how much easier it was going to be for our clients to update/edit their websites without any coding knowledge. Overall WordPress is generally known to be easy to use straight out of the box, but this tool makes updates even simpler for the most basic user. It’s a must have for the busy business owner that needs to make quick updates!

Securing Your Site

Stephanie: One of the biggest takeaways from 2017 is the importance of transitioning to HTTPS on your website. Whether you’re an e-commerce site or an information site, HTTPS has become the industry standard. With the major update to Google Chrome that came out in October, online stores may start experiencing negative impacts to their conversion rates as customers see insecure warnings for HTTP sites. In anticipation of this change, Yahoo released the ability to make your whole store HTTPS this year. No matter what platform you are on, you should be able to set up an SSL certificate and get changed over to HTTPS. More and more services are pushing for this change. Notably, eBay just started pushing requirements that force the change to HTTPS. Given that using HTTPS can also give you a slight SEO advantage, there really isn’t a reason not to switch.

Getting To Know Your Customers

Doneida: I would say my biggest discovery of 2017 was the idea that if we can get to know a company from the inside out, it will increase both their social media reputation and make my job, as their social media manager, so much easier. Our social media client list tripled over the course of 2017 and I am thrilled to say that we are able to successfully manage each account because of the relationships we’ve built with each. For some clients, it means researching their products or services, or reading their client testimonials and asking many many questions. For others, it means going to their business, taking photos, talking to employees and customers, and looking at their business from their customers’ point of view. At the end of the day, if you are a social media client at All Web Promotion, you can expect top notch service, and for us to ask a LOT of questions. The more we can get to know things from your perspective, as the owner or manager, the better we can do our jobs and help your business grow!

Growing Your Business with Reviews

Jessica: Reviews are great for building up consumer confidence in your business as well as search engine rankings. But it can be hard to ask for reviews and customers may not always follow through. Over the past year, we’ve been working with a review building tool that helps with both. It makes it easy to send a direct request for a review that can be posted on your website, Facebook page, or your Google My Business account. It also builds up location signals on your site that search engines use to determine where you’re located and what to rank your site for. Over the last year, I’ve watched local business reviews and rankings skyrocket thanks to this tool. Moving forward, you should definitely take steps to build up your reviews and location signals.

Get Back to Basics

Brock CooperBrock: Life isn’t easy and rarely goes in the direction we want whether we’re talking about the latest in SEO or society as a whole. If it’s one thing I learned this year, it’s that we tend to make things more difficult and complicated than they need to be. Sometimes, it’s best to get back to basics because the simplest answer is often the best.

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