5 Digital Marketing Predictions for the New Decade

5 decade predictions in crystal ball

Congratulations! You made it through another decade.

Not just any decade too! The 2010s have been full of explosive technological advancements that have kept marketers on their toes.

Think of the evolution of social media: trends are now coming and going by the week. Or web development: screen shapes and sizes are changing requiring flexible and fast sites. Everything has changed and companies who aren’t adapting are dying.

On the flip side, however, those who stay ahead of the curve are thriving, hence this blog. We are going to get educated predictions from expert All Webbers about the future of digital marketing so you can be ready for whatever the next decade holds.

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10 years from now, our strategies and practices today are going to feel so “old school”. A decade comes and goes so quickly, but the differences from start to end feel like a world away. I think by 2030 we are going to see brands start to be more transparent. Let’s face it, people care about privacy and are leerier than ever about giving out personal information. Businesses will need to be more forthcoming, and advertisers will need to find ways to get around those roadblocks for remarketing efforts. We will look back on privacy issues and say “wow, I can’t believe that was even allowed back then!”

Doneida Larsen - Social Media and Pay Per Click Manager.


You may have noticed several stories recently about companies taking a stand on things like sexual preference or orientation and while there has been pushback with some, the tide seems to be changing on this end, and I anticipate a big change moving forward with 2020 advertising as well. If you’re like me at all, you noticed Hallmark stepping out of the box recently both with a same-sex couple in a holiday movie, as well as a kiss on one of their ads. Within 24 hours, the ad was removed and then replaced by the widely known company. While these “taboo” subjects are still making their way into mainstream media, some social media has been pushing forward with them for the last year or so, and I hypothesize that we will see it becoming more of the ‘norm’ in the next decade.

Stephanie Rawson - Web Developer.


People born in the last 30 years don’t remember life before the internet. Even those born in the 30 years prior want a world that is “on-demand”. That’s why fast site speed isn’t just a nice feature, it’s a necessity. If your pages have long loading speeds, today’s users will drop you like yesterday’s cell phone service. We’ve gone from dial-up to 5G technology in the last 20 years. We’re talking Flintstones to Jetsons. In the coming years, speed will be a way of life and you’ll likely be left in the dust if you can’t keep up. However, instant access to info won’t be enough. It will need to be in a format your users can quickly skim through and digest in short pieces. If I had to pick one of today’s terms to describe the future, it would be TL:DR.

Braden Hamiel - Web Developer.


Templates are making it easier than ever for anyone to promote their business at very low costs. The Average Joe can now make a website on Wix, a graphic on Canva, and an email campaign with Constant Contact for hardly any money and time.

This begs the question: will web designers soon be obsolete? The answer is: no. The more cookie-cutter templates are easily accessible the more custom designs will stand out. This is why I believe that the next decade will be filled with more artistic creative designs. Things like: video, animation, illustration, and interactivity. These will allow companies to be different from competitors and catch people’s eye. Some companies are already doing this: Google, MailChimp, Dominos, Headspace, SiteGround, LiveChat, and more!

Kaitlyn Anthony - Graphic Designer.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: email marketing boasts some of the highest return on investment rates compared to any other marketing strategy right now. Next year will be no different! We may see some changes though with how emails are created and what trends become popular. Emails will most likely begin to look better on mobile devices than ever before, obviously because that’s where most consumers view emails. Automated and personalized emails began to grow in popularity in 2019, and I predict that they will get even more popular in 2020. People want a unique experience, and not everyone is going to react to the same email. Now, tackle 2020 head-on and make your email money moves!

No one can predict the future perfectly, but these insights into the near future are more than enough to give you a head start on the decade.

Comment below to give us your prediction and have a Happy New Year! 🎇🥂

Braden Hamiel

Braden is our newest up and coming developer. His interest in design stems from his love of art. Years of drawing and painting have provided Braden with a solid foundation for the creativity and inspiration needed to make appealing websites with a focus on balance and usability. He is always eager to learn new things and further his education. When he isn't tackling a new project at work, he enjoys spending time with his wife and family, especially outdoors. Whether it's leading the Praise Team, sharing the gospel, serving others, or church planting, Braden keeps his focus on God and leads a Christ centered life.

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