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Especially to an online shopper. When your customers can't physically touch and feel your products in their hands, they need to rely on other ways to get a good feel of what they are considering to purchase.

Think about the last time you were shopping online and found the product you were looking for but the picture of it was tiny, blurry and pixelated. It makes you question what you are considering to buy. Is this the product you were looking for? Will it be like I think it will when it arrives?

Providing high quality images for your customers will help improve their experience on your website. The visual impact and clarity will help their decision process as well as build their trust in you to deliver exactly what they are ordering.

  • 1.) We primarily work with smaller-sized products, for example, bottles, books, or hair accessories.
  • 2.) Our photos are simple product shots on clean, white backgrounds.
  • 3.) We can arrange a test-shot to determine if you like our work and the overall costs of the project.
  • 4.) You can also take the photo yourself and email us the file. We'll then try to "clean it up" and make it look clearer and more professional using our graphics software.


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