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Don't have time or skill to design professional emails? Our design team creates custom emails based on your corporate style and optimized for maximum impact and email ready visibility. As a bonus, our cutting edge coding techniques ensure your emails are minimally affected by ISP and SPAM filtering.

List preparation, server uploading, scheduling, and list maintenance. Seems like a lot of know-how and time needed...But not with our fully automated system. All you need to do is hand us your list in any format and tell us when you need it delivered. We do all the rest.

Important to email marketing campains is the need to know how your email performs. We use powerful & friendly tracking and reporting tools before and after each delivery. Prior to delivery we run a thorough test to determine if or what part of the code or design needs adjustments to ensure it reads well and will comply with ISP's and SPAM filters. After delivery together we review the various reports to see how the email actually performed in many categories. We can see how many were opened & bounced and by whom, who unsubscribed or reported abuses, what links they used, and much more. All this information is vital to ensuring your audience receives and reads your email.

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