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Blog Design and Integration Services
Blog Design is a service provided by All Web Promotion that intends to meld your web site and your blog into one entity. Today, there are many Blog services out there to choose from, many of them available for free or for low monthly rates. A service that is available to virtually anyone makes it difficult for your own Blog to stand out. Sure, you can choose from the wonderfully designed cookie-cutter free templates that many of the Blog providers have, but so can the next person and the person after that. This makes it difficult for you to stand out from the next.

A business who develops a blog generally has the intention of building on their own brand or identity. You want to build an audience who has and will become familiar with you. We can help you achieve this through our blog design service. You create your blog, provide us with your login information, and we will take your generic blog template and turn it around so it becomes one with your website. Your website visitors will be able to navigate seamlessly from site to blog and blog to site, by bringing over your websites design, navigation system, and url. If you're interested in just having a custom template created, we can work with you to get your ideas moving. All you need is some hosting space for images and if you like, your own url.

Custom Blog Design
For those looking to start their own blog or web site that runs through a blog platform, the Custom Blog Design package will work best. We will develop a custom design for your blog and code it. All you have to do is obtain hosting for your blog and we can help you with the rest.
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